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We are not responsible for the loss to your trading accounts. Please use this trading app carefully. On the other hand, we are always making sure to provide high quality signals for profitable trading.

Million Robo provides signals and auto-trading capabilities. You can subscribe to our service by purchasing our signals at MillionRobo.

What is Auto Trading in Million Robo?

Auto Trading provides capability to automatically open an order to the MT5 (MetaTrader 5) trading app from the incoming of our telegram signals. If you are a busy person who wants to get some passive incomes out-of-the-box, or someone who starts to trade and has no idea what is a profitable trading looks like, this auto-trading app is built just for you.

Our Products

After you purchased one of our signal subscriptions, you will join our Telegram Channel and acquire an account, with signal username and signal password. Basically, you can trade manually using the incoming signals coming from our Telegram channel. Or better, you can use our auto trading app to start profitable trading!

  1. Telegram Channel

    Telegram Channel

    Premium Telegram channel.

  2. Auto Trading App

    Auto Trading

    Million robo auto trading app.

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